Summer at the School Program by Fraser Valley Baseball Academy

Summer at the School Program by Fraser Valley Baseball Academy

Register to the best summer training program in Abbotsford, Canada! There are different activities that the Fraser Valley Baseball Academy can offer to give you the best sports training possible. 

Know the basics of baseball at the University of Fraser Valley’s summer at school training for teenagers and young adults. This program goes on for two months worth of sessions that will keep you active during the summer. Register immediately before the slots are filled at the end of the year. Contact us through the information provided at the end of this page for your reservation. 

Fraser Valley Baseball Academy welcomes beginners and pros alike so that there is diversity in the summer team. The coaches alongside their top players of the year will look over the training session to teach and guide you on the things you need to know to become a good athlete.

The basics taught by Fraser Valley Baseball Academy

In a nutshell, baseball is a game played with a bat, ball and glove where the players have to throw, hit and catch the ball. It sounds easy at first but there are complex rules that govern the game. At the first few days, there will be lectures about the basics of baseball until you get a grip on how the game works. 

To understand the basics of baseball, you must first know what inning means. Unlike other sports that run within a certain amount of time, the two competing teams of baseball play throughout innings. This means that the offensive team is given three times to bat the ball while the other plays defence. 

Two frames divide the inning—the top and bottom half. During the top half, the visiting team bats the ball as an attempt to score. The defensive team will be taking their positions in the field and the goal is to out the offensive players in different ways. The offensive and defensive teams switch after every inning. 

To get the game going, the pitcher throws the ball and the batter will attempt to hit the ball to put it in play. If the batter fails to hit the ball, then it’ll hit the catcher’s glove. The game is always between two opposing teams each made up of nine players. For each game, the two teams alternate at offence and defence where they score points that are added in the end. The team with the most score wins the game. 

Baseball fields are divided into two sections which are the infield and outfield separated by a diamond shape with four bases. There are approximately 90 feet in between each of the four bases. 

For the defensive team to score, the batter must run and touch all bases of the field after hitting the ball. The offensive team can steal the ball that is in play while the batter is running towards the bases. The other team can score points when they successfully diverted the ball to all bases before the batter reaches the goal. 

Players can score multiple goals from one hit if their teammates are already on the other bases. This is where the game gets the phrase “the bases are loaded” when each base has a representative of a team present. The batter can tap out of running towards the goal and pass it on to his teammates on each base before tagging out. 

Each team can only score a maximum of four points in each game. 

Baseball equipment you will need to know

There are only a few types of equipment that you will need to play baseball. The most important pieces are the bat, ball and nine gloves for each fielder. You will know more about the function of each piece below:


This keeps the game in motion the moment the batter hits it and the defensive team tries to catch it. It is manufactured through an intricate process of wrapping yarn around a cork or rubber and finished with a cowhide or horsehide covering. Its size is approximately nine inches that can weigh at around 150 grams.


The baseball bat is a solid piece of wood that is usually made with ash. It is 3 inches in diameter at the top called the barrel and it gets thinner at the bottom so you can hold it in your grip. The height of an average bat does not exceed 42 inches.

This equipment is crucial in the game because it sets the ball in motion and readies the players into position. The game does not move when the batter fails to hit the ball. 

Batting Helmet

Sometimes the pitchers can throw the ball as hard as a hundred miles per hour which can cause accidents if the player isn’t wearing protective gear. This equipment prevents players from having severe head injuries in the field that can ultimately ruin their career. Always wear this protective gear when batting for your team to keep you safe from any major injuries. 

Batting Glove

Because baseball bats are made from solid wood, sometimes players get blisters on their hands after playing. Wearing batting gloves can prevent your skin from forming painful blisters that can affect your game. It isn’t required to wear these unlike the other equipment on this list but it does help in limiting superficial wounds on your skin.

Fielding Glove

Different fielding gloves can be custom made for players. It may also depend on the player’s position in the field. Typically it is made with top-quality leather that can endure harsh impact from small objects such as a ball. Its design is similar to a frog’s hand because it forms a webbed pocket so the player can easily catch the ball. 


All baseball players wear a specific type of shoe called cleats because there are spikes attached to its soles. This is helpful for players when they try to run from one base to the other because it adds momentum and power to the legs. The shoes also prevent players from slipping on the grass because the spikes clutch to the ground with every step. 

Catcher’s equipment

Protective gear is a must for every catcher because they are targetted by pitchers when the ball is thrown. As much as possible, the catcher must wear different protective gear that will protect the majority of his body. 

The gears include:

  • Helmet
  • Faceguard similar to a goalie’s mask
  • Chest protector 
  • Shin gloves
  • Special padded gloves

Rules of Baseball

Just like any other games, there are rules to follow in playing baseball. You must follow these rules to run a clean and smooth game. If players do not follow these rules, some sanctions will be discussed fully below.

Here are the rules that you must follow:

  1. Each team should always be made up of nine players. There should not be more than that because it becomes an unfair advantage to the other team. 
  2. The teams should fill up each of the following positions in the field:
  • Pitcher
  • Catcher
  • First baseman
  • Second baseman
  • Third baseman
  • Shortstop
  • Three outfielders at the left, centre and right field
  1. The game lasts for nine innings where each team takes turns in playing the offensive and defensive. In case of a tie, another inning is added to break it and the winning team will be announced. 
  2. Batting orders per team cannot be changed in the middle of the game. In case of substitution, the player must bat in the order of the person he replaced. 
  3. When the batter hits the ball, he must at least run towards the first base before being tagged out and replaced by his teammates. Each of the three bases must be touched by any parts of the body to score a home run.
  4. A batter is allowed three strikes before being out. This means that on the first two strikes that he misses the ball, he is still given a chance to hit the ball a third time. 
  5. Players are dismissed in four ways:
  • Strikeout which means the batter missed the ball three times
  • Force out when a player fails to make the base before the other team
  • Fly out which happens when the ball is caught midair without bouncing
  • Tag out where a defensive player holding the ball tags the batsman while running towards the base

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