Fraser Valley Baseball Team Private Coaching Sessions

As the premier baseball team in Abbotsford, Canada, University of Fraser Valley proudly presents the private training sessions offered under the baseball program. 

Fraser Valley Baseball Academy can help you reach your full potentials as an athlete when you train under the best coaching staff the university can offer. This program is open not only to the students of UFV but also to anyone in the Abbotsford community who is interested in learning baseball.

Our coaching staff will be working hand in hand with the athletes to teach aspiring baseball players about the game. Those who will undergo private training will have the chance to play with the best UFV baseball athletes. Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn first-hand from the best players in Canada. 

Private Baseball Academy Rates

Check out the different rates per session that you can get for a reasonable price. Invest in your career in baseball with us at UFV and play among your favourite players and coaches. 

Please note that the time for each session varies depending on your needs. The more sessions you register for, the longer the training will be. Here are the rates per session:

1 session1 player1 hourCAD 80.00
1 session1 player45 minutesCAD 65.00
1 session 2 players1 hourCAD 55.00 (per player)
2 session2 players45 minutesCAD 80.00 (per player)
2 session3 players 1 hourCAD 70.00 (per player)
2 session4 players45 minutesCAD 60.00 (per player)
4 sessions1 player1 hour (may extend)CAD 75.00 (per hour)
4 sessions1 player45 minutes (may extend)CAD 62.50 (per session)
4 sessions2 player 1 hour CAD 190.00 (per player)
4 sessions3 players 1 hourCAD 130.00 (per player)
4 sessions4 players1 hourCAD 110.00 (per player)
6 sessions1 player1 hourCAD 70.00 (per session)
6 sessions1 player45 minutesCAD 60.00 (per session)
6 sessions2 players1 hourCAD 50.00 (per session)
6 sessions2 players45 minutesCAD 45.00 (per session)
8 sessions 3 players1 hourCAD 240.00 (per player)
8 sessions4 players1 hourCAD 200.00 (per player)

There will only be one coach assigned per session. You are allowed to pick the coach that you would like to train under. Here is the list of highly skilled coaches of the Fraser Valley Baseball Academy:

  • Coach Jordan Lennerton
  • Coach Kyle Lotzkar
  • Coach Wes Darvill
  • Coach Colin Currie

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