Sports Clinic Program by Fraser Valley Baseball Academy

Do your children show interest in various sports? If they do, then you might be interested in taking your kids to a top-quality sports clinic program in your area. There are different programs that you can choose from in the city of Abbotsford but the University of Fraser Valley is the best option for young athletes!

Fraser Valley Baseball Academy does not only offer baseball training programs for homegrown athletes because, in the summer, we also open a sports clinic. Your kids will have fun getting into new sports during their vacation so register now while slots are still available!

Sports Clinic Options by Fraser Valley Baseball Academy

There are different sports your children can choose from when they register at the UFV program led by the Fraser Valley Baseball Academy team. Here are the options that you and your kid can choose from:


This sport dominated the whole world for many decades and there are worldwide tournaments that people, including your children, can look forward to. Ask your child if he or she is interested in learning the discipline required for the sport. 

Teamwork is important in basketball which means that your children can meet new peers and learn to work alongside them. This training program is one of the best in Abbotsford so register now before the slots fill up.


Many people may not know that chess is considered a sport in the sports community. Honing your child’s skill in problem-solving and concentration is proven beneficial because it improves brain function. 

If your kid is interested in becoming the next grandmaster of Canada, then registering in this program is a must! Most people do not know that administrators of Fraser Valley Baseball Academy are skilled in chess and they will personally teach your children in this program. 


There is beauty in every movement learned in gymnastics. Not only will they learn grace in moving but also the discipline it takes to make it to the next level. 

Trained UFV alumni will spearhead the gymnastics session which your kids will surely enjoy. Give your kids the opportunity to grow with us at this program, and register now!

Frisbee Ultimate

Frisbee can also be considered an athletic sport. Instead of merely enjoying frisbee at the park during their free time, children can develop the necessary skills to play this sport full-time!

Coaches under the sports program are highly skilled in frisbee so your children are in good hands. Let them enjoy their time while learning cool new tricks to show off their skills among friends. 

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