Fraservalley Baseball Academy: Essentials needed for baseball

Fraservalley Baseball Academy: Essentials needed for baseball

Doing extracurricular activities are good for the overall wellness of each person. Among the number of activities you can do, nothing is more fitting than playing sports. Sports are more than just about the fun they bring to people because they also enhance your physical and mental toughness. 

One of the most popular sports that a lot of people play these days is Baseball, which also emerges as one of the most-watched sports on national television alongside basketball and football. If you are eager to learn more about baseball, worry no more because Fraservalley Baseball Academy is here to help you learn and gain insights about baseball. 

Fraservalley Baseball Academy is a sports program that gives aspiring players the right knowledge and training to hone them into promising athletes as they improve in the sport. 

Our academy has no restrictions and is open to students from all walks of life. All you need to do is to become an apprentice for the coach for one month and undergo special courses and training. 

When it comes to playing baseball, aside from the basic rules, you should also know the necessary gears you need to have during each game. Check out our list of baseball essentials you need:

Batting Helmet

If you are fond of hitting the ball, then you can become the batter of the team. Batters need a helmet to protect their head and face from getting hit by the ball since pitchers throw the ball at a high speed. These helmets are usually made out of plastic materials with padding inside so players will stay safe and secured yet comfortable.

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is one of the most important items in baseball and you can’t play the sport without one. Baseball bats are available in various kinds and sizes. For beginners, we suggest that you get the lighter ones first before trying the adult level bats. 

This is to introduce you to the sport and let you become familiar with how to use it. Once you get the hang of it, you can try a more advanced class or style.

When choosing your baseball bat, you should pick the one that you can firmly hold and swing comfortably. The key to winning baseball is hitting a home run and it would be a big boost for the team if the batter has the right bat that he’s confident and comfortable with.

Baseball Glove

If you’re the catcher in the team, it’s important that you have high-quality baseball gloves. These items are designed to help you catch extremely fast throws from the pitcher. Most importantly, when a player throws a fastball, the catcher should be wearing gloves both as protection and equipment to get hold of the ball properly. 

When you choose your gloves, see to it that they fit well because uncomfortable ones can affect your game.