Top 5 beginner tips to improve your baseball game!

Top 5 beginner tips to improve your baseball game!

Starting your journey early in Baseball can help you enhance your skills further and build a career in the future. You’d be able to set your goals to achieve your dreams of becoming a professional player and apply for teams such as the Fraser Valley Baseball Academy. 

It takes hard work and commitment to achieve these goals. You’ll need to learn a lot of things before you can play and get recognized. There are also a lot of obstacles that’ll come your way which should never hinder your success!

Here are some of the tips you need to do as a baseball beginner to improve your skills and become a pro player in the future: 

  1. Purchase a baseball glove that fits

You might think that you’ll need a bigger glove since your hands will eventually grow over time. However, this would hinder you in your training since it doesn’t fit your hands well. 

It’ll be hard to catch the ball with your mitts if it doesn’t fit you. You’ll need a glove that fits so you can learn how to manoeuvre your hands using a glove. 

  1. Always break in the new glove

New gloves are often hard and inflexible at first. You’ll need to break it before using it in games and training. Playing a casual game of catch with your friends can help break the new glove. This activity can also help you practice your catch and pitch. 

You can also speed up the breaking-in process by rubbing shaving cream into the pocket of the glove and placing a ball inside it. Tie a rope around the glove and keep it in a dry place for a few days. 

  1. Learn the league rules before purchasing your bat

There are certain rules for different leagues that you need to follow and it includes the size of your baseball bat. Always check with your coach what the standard width, height, and material the team uses so you won’t waste money on a bat that they won’t allow you to use. 

  1. You’ll learn defensive positions eventually

As a beginner, you’re still on the learning curve. This means you have a lot to learn before you even master the rules and strategies of the team. Defensive positions like catcher and first base are heavy-handed and require advanced skills to effectively play. 

If you volunteer for this position without any foundational skills, it’ll only shake your confidence. Find your groove first in other positions before you start trying for the defensive. You’ll eventually grasp the game and opportunities will come your way. 

  1. Don’t swing below your knees

Practice your batting skills before you step foot on the mound. Swinging below your knees or anywhere above your shoulders would be considered a strike by the umpire. 

Moreover, don’t focus too much on the pitcher’s eyes when swinging. This might cause you to lose your eyes on the ball. Instead, find the probable spot where the pitcher’s hand would deliver the ball so you’ll have an approximate view and catch it on your mitts.